FM or Frequency Modulation is technique where one Oscillator is modulating a second Oscillator. There are many complex applications of FM in many fields of science. Remarkable Synthesizers that mainly used FM are for example the Yamaha DX7. The Patches used in the DX 7 are extraordinarily complex and have little to do with the contemporary use of FM.

Modern Use

In modern dance styles like Psytrance, Darkpsy, DubStep, and Hitech FM are used for aggressive and crunchy sounding leads. While many uses of additive FM synthesis are given, contemporary artists often solely use FM as a replacement for a very fast LFO. The concept of the LFO pitch modulation gets applied here.  The only difference being that instead of using an oscillator below the human hearing range (0-20Hz) an OSC in the audible range gets used for the same function.


In Darkpsy and Hitech among the artists that pioneered the element are Cosmo, Furious, and Kindzadza. Although there are many examples of early FM leads, few artists developed the element of what it is today.


Examples of FM Lead One-Shots:

FM Lead from the Access Virus TI Preset Pack by Parandroid


FM Arp from the Access Virus TI Preset Pack by Parandroid


Written by PARANDROID from Noise Poison Records

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