Parandroid High Velocity Kick Pack Vol.1 24Bit



We know there are plenty of Kick samples out there making their round through the sample librarys of producers .The problem about them is simply that most of them are not suitable for Psytrance , and especially not suited for High Bpm productions at all . The timbre isn`t right , nor the duration of the kick is right so they become pretty much unusable for high bpm psytrance tracks .What you need for your production is a tailormade kick in just the right duration .Therefor i am releasing my first sample pack.Ten Kicks tailormade for different Bpms ranging from 170-210Bpm , all exported for you at 24Bit resolution .


You can buy the whole sample pack for 7€ on bandcamp

Creepy Voices & FX Vol 1 24Bit


Creepy Voices is stuff deep from the abyss.Abstract noises from monsters born in realms.Frightening voices and fascinating patterns await you in this brandnew release by German producer Samuel Zimmermann aka Parandroid all in 24 Bit losless WAV as allways.




Some razorsharp high velocity High Hat loops for you to use in your projects.They are properly processed and ready to give your track an distinctive drive


Now for only €4




10 very unique and special snares.In 24 Bit high definition resolution.Carefully selected and processed to give them a sound that you won`t find elsewhere.

You can get the whole pack for only 6€ on Bandcamp


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