Vital Synthesis Modules by Parandroid | Video Tutorials

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Short and concise learning Modules to learn the ins and outs of the Vital Synthesizer.

Type of video lessons: Synthesis Modules

VST: Vital Wavetable Synthesizer (Free Download: click here)



The Vital was all the hype in 2020. It is one of the most versatile Wavetable Synths out there and to make things even more appealing: The Vital VST is completely free to download.

The Vital Synthesis Modules are short video lessons that should help you to get to know your new favorite Wavetable Synthesizer better. The modules are produced by german producer and owner of Instinct Leaning Samuel Zimmermann aka Parandroid.

You can download the Vital here: click hereĀ 

The first Episode “Saw Down Sequence” is completely free.

Check it out:

Free Tutorial: Vital VST Synthesis Modules – Ep 1 Saw Down Sequence

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Micror WT Drone Pad, Simple Wavetable Uplifter


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