Virus TI Synthesis Video Learning Modules – Introduction into the Virus TI


Get up to snuff with your Virus TI Synthesizer. The introductory Modules offer a Baseline for what is to come. If you are a Virus-Pro you can skip those but probably even a Virus TI veteran will find a new trick or two. The Introduction is split into four parts. We go through every page of the Virus TI Synthesizer and discuss features and techniques.

Virus TI Synthesis Masterclass Part 1: Introduction

  • Format: mp4
  • Length: 42 Minutes (5 videos in total)
  • Producer: Parandroid
  • Instant Download
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Virus TI Synthesis Learning Modules: Part I – Introduction Tutorial Package

This Virus TI Synthesis Learning Video Module Pack consists out of five parts where we go through pretty much all the features of the Access Virus TI Synthesizer. This serves as a baseline for what is to come and is especially aimed at Beginner Level Sound Designers. Advanced producers can start directly with the Synthesis Modules. The video course consists out of 5 parts and has a total lenght of 42 minutes.

Inclouded in the Tutorial package are the following Videos:

  1. Intro
  2. Part I – Introduction OSC Page
  3. Part I – Introduction Filter Page
  4. Part I – Introduction Matrix and Modulations
  5. Part I – Introduction ARP and Effects

Maximum flexibility thanks to a Module Based Learning System

Modules offer a lot of flexibility. You can buy our awesome Masterclass Packages that include multiple Modules. More modules are getting released constantly. This gives you the possibility to expand your modules with add ons or specific Classes that interest you.



Preview from part I – OSC Page:



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