Music Production Online Learning Modules (Live)



Music Production Online Learning Modules

Music Production Online Learning

In live online lessons, the artist will give you a tailor-made lesson adjusted to your skill. This is perfect if you have specific areas in your production that you want to improve.

The Lessons are held using Zoom. Through screen share, the students are able to see the screen of the artist and vice versa.

Different Online Learning Modules

  • Arrangement
  • Mixing
  • Synthesis
  • Mastering

What do I need for the online learning modules:

  1. Computer
  2. DAW – Digital Audio Workstation (Cubase, Ableton, Logic, etc.)
  3. Free Zoom account
  4. Headphones and a microphone (can be any mic. Webcam, laptop, Desktop Microphone, etc.)

Additional information


Synthesis, Mixing, Mastering, Arrangement


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