Hitech Masterclass: Episode 11+12 | Parandroid Masterclass


Hitech Masterclass by Parandroid (Samuel Zimmermann)

  • Duration: 35 Minutes
  • DAW used: Steinberg Cubase 8.5
  • Plugins used: Fabfilter, Access Virus TI Plugin
  • Style: Hitech Psychedelic Trance


The Hitech Masterclass by Parandroid | EP 11+12

In this Hitech Masterclass course, we create the two new main Sounds for our new Part. Furthermore, we will synthesize and records a super wicked Grain Wavetable SH sound as well as a gritty but clean FM Lead

We also create a sick Uplifter on the Virus (This should be easily doable on any subtractive synthesizer). Also, we continue our track with a new part so there is a little bit Arrangement in this lesson as well.

Stay tuned. More episodes are being produced and will be released shortly.

Thank You and Happy Learning

Samuel from Instinct-Learning.com

Parandroid Hitech Masterclass Preview:


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