Kick Presets Pack for Bazzism by PARANDROID



12 carefully crafted Kick presets by veteran Music Producer and Artist Samuel Zimmermann aka PARANDROID

The presets span the full range of the tonal octave. This way you always have the right Kick for your Bassline.┬áThe Kick Presets are produced with high Bpm productions in mind. They are short, concise, and powerful. As always, presets are not only there to use as they are. You can gain valuable knowledge by having access to the artists’ synthesis and techniques to produce. This way you can learn directly from the source. Furthermore, presets are there to be tweaked. They exist to offer you the insight of other producers ideas, to learn, and to give you a kickstart for your own ideas when it comes to synthesis,

You can learn more about Kicks on our Instinct Learning Wiki:

KICK (Electronic Music)


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