24 Serum Presets

I am happy to present you with a selection of awesome patches for the Xfer Serum! 24 carefully crafted patches with Macro assignments. This makes it much easier to see which parameters matter the most. This Patch bank is very FX heavy. It consists of various FX and some other sounds like Pads and Basses.

Parandroid Access Virus TI 2020 Preset Library (64 Presets)

The latest release of presets for the Access Virus TI Synthesizer

Parandroid has more than a decade of experience with the Virus TI Synthesizer and has released numerous acclaimed Presets libraries. Firstly. these presets are properly organized. They have soft knob modulations set up and categories attached to them. Therefore working with this Preset Library is a breeze. In this release, you will find anything your psychedelic heart desires.

Hitech Psytrance Cubase Template by Parandroid

This bassline by Parandroid is a great way to learn the fine ways of the art of creating a Hitech Psychedelic Trance Bassline

Features of this music production template for Steinberg Cubase:

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