Instinct Learning presents:Interview with Alien Chaoz from Brazil

An incredible humble talent from the home of dance
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Brazil psytrance


Q:Please tell us a bit about yourself!


 I’m Dennison Souza, born in Brazil in 1992 and I love to make music, laugh, talk about music production, eat, repeat.

Q:How did you end up in the world wide tribe of psytrance?

When I was 15 years old I used to go at outside places, like parks or squares in my city, I felt much better there, close to the nature, sharing moments with people that had the same ideas like me, some DJ friends always talk about their experiences on psychedelic parties, then I started to search about it on the internet, watching some videos, trying to understand about everything on it. Someday (around 2007) I had the opportunity to go to a free party in my city where my friends were going to play. Was a enjoyable day, I experienced something really good in that place, I felt that everyone there got out of the routine, dancing and really interact to each other, and than my psytrance journey began!

Q:What are the Key Moments connected to psychedelia in your life?

I can’t leave my first party out of this question: was a costume party, my friend and I was not wearing a costume, but was really funny to see the people interacting with their character: power ranger, barbies, even someone who was wearing costume like a rolling paper! lol We met a lot of people and I had such a good memories
After that I started to go to bigger parties in my city, for around 20k people with great artists of worldwide psytrance scene like GMS, Quadra, Bizarre Contact, Xerox and Illumination and by this I knew much more about genres, different styles and than was born my interesting for playing. I friend of mine had the DJ equipments and we always made private parties that I could practice mixing on CDJ players.
Than I met a very important person for the psychedelic scene in my region, DJ Gabriel Mello, this guy was the first person who trust in my artwork and put me to play at his parties, in that time we help to set up the party, much times sleeping at the local, moving speakers, making the decor, etc…all this hard work was rewarded when the party was happening, looking at the people dancing till the end.
I also met my love on Psytrance scene, and our weeding was celebrated in a psyparty of course. After that we traveled to Europe and there I had the craziest experience in my life, to live in Poland, totally different from my country, but there I made many great connections playing in different countries and seeing the people already knew about my music.

Q:When did you start to write music?

When I started to play in 2009 as DJ I was already interested to learn music production, a friend gave me a quick start on Ableton live than I could learn for myself for much time, of course at the beginning it was just for fun but after 2 years around I got really serious and start to work hard on it.

Q:If you start to write a track , how do you Begin?

I usually start generating ideas, like choosing a theme for that, and recording some sounds from Virus TI, Serum, or even crazy experiments like recording interferences from the microfone, for me its really important to get inside the project, feel the flow that you are looking for, this gonna make you write faster and better.

Q:Where do you think contemporary psychedelia will go in Brazil/worldwide?

BW Denisao photo
The contemporary psychedelia is bringing a new concept of parties, clearly the evolution of music is happening, the music is becoming faster and there are much more sounds based on tekno and more industrial sounds. The aesthetic is showing this changing, clothing, decor, and line ups, are more focused on dark, hi tech, mechanical style, and it looks different than the psytrance scene I have met 10 years ago. But in other hand the classical, colorful, hippie style is not ending at all, this is just a new concept that is coming.

Q:What is your most memorable experience that you had on a Gig?

For me the best experience was A TRIP TO DARKNESS 3 (Switzerland) , I traveled from Brazil (around 24 hours) and was the best line up I ever played, with many artists I have inspired for many years! At this party I was really far away from my home, but when I was the gate I saw some people listening my track while getting ready to the party, that was amazing! Im really glad for the music, because it provides these connections, music can take me, you and each one to everywhere.


Q:When you teach people , how is your approach?

I like to tell about my experience, because I already started somehow, so it’s really important you know that you don’t need expensive gears at the beginning. I just had a simple notebook and a very old sound system which I worked around 4 years. Anyway I could release my first album “Alien Talk” and learned much things in music production, so no matter what u have if u know how to use it.

Thank you so much for taking the time fo this interview