by | May 14, 2016

Q:What do i need to take lessons?

A:Basically just a  computer although the learning experience will be much more efficient if you have a DAW of your liking installed,as well as a Audio interface running.Good Active monitor speakers , one or more midi controller and possibly a synthesizer will take your experience as a producer to a new and more enjoyable level but are by no means necessary.

Q:How can i pay the lessons?

A:The easiest way to pay is via PayPal.You can also use normal banking.You will find the banking info here.We also are working on credit card support.

Q:Is there a booking system?

A:Yes,you can book single lessons via the booking tab or you can book packages here .

Q:I want to learn about a certain thing in electronic music production that is not listed in the Modules section.Can i learn things outside the box?

A:Yes , certainly!Just ask and we will try our best to assign you a instructor that is a specialist on the desired field.