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Khaoz Fraktal, the name behind Alien Chaos project, since your 16 years old was already interested on doing and music producing, he starts in 2009 playing at parties around your city (Curitiba/Brazil) as Dj Chaos, than also work on your own productions, after 4 years of hard work, he launched your project Alien Chaos in 2013.
Nowadays Alien Chaos spread your work by playing in parties, releasing tracks solo and collaboration with great artists, also making masterings works for psytrance and chill out releases and recently starts to make tutorials and classes to help new minds to grow up on psytrance scene.

Yuri Dimitrov aka Yatzee

Teacher for Ableton 

Everybody who knows yatzee knows of the insanely fine builds of this italian producer.Yatzee has a remarkable Signature in his tracks.An absolute master of Ableton arrangement and synthesis.His style is funky , danceble and on point.Yuri also offers lessons in MAX Msp.He can give lessons in italian or english.

Samuel Zimmermann aka Parandroid

Samuel is the guy behind instinct, learning as well as several successful Psytrance projects. He is touring the world since years and played on many Major Festivals such as UNIVERSO PARALELLO in Brasil and countless events in almost 40 countries on all continents. He just released his collaboration album together with Insector from Kamino records. Samuel has years of experience with education. He was also the organizer of the INSTINCT WORKSHOPS which brought together 30 people from all over the world to dedicate 3 days only to music.



Total flexibilty

You can book your lessons acording to your own schedule.You have a daily job or any other obligations you don`t have to worry.We will tailormade the learning schedule so that you have it easy to keep on what you are doing in your normal life.

Advanced Technology

When we teach you , you are able to see us and what we are doing as well as vice versa.This ensures a solid learning experience.All you need is a PC/MAC , a micorphone of some sort(Can also be from  a Laptop or webcam) and a Gmail account to use Hangouts.It`s really that easy!

Ongoing Support

We will be happy to guide you to yopur way to success also after the lessons are finished.Our instructors are open to questions from you anytime.

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Mixing Course by Parandroid Released

Mixing Course by Parandroid Released

What You will learn in this course:

You will learn how to make your mix sound balanced and professional. We will take a mixed track by the Artist and go back to scratch.

We will also provide you with the WAV Stem files of the original track by Parandroid. So regardless of which DAW you chose to use, you will be able to participate in this class. This course can be used with any current DAW released today.

Professional Music Producers Reacting to Fake DJs

Professional Music Producers Reacting to Fake DJs

2 Professional Music Producers react to the worst fake DJs of all time. Alphy Psyche and Parandroid reacting to some of the worst DJs ever recorded in history. You can watch the Full 35 minutes Reaction Video on our official YouTube Channel.   Snippet 1 Snippet 2

Fundamentals of Sound Synthesis | Frequency, Amplitude | EP 01 | Alphy Psyche [FREE]

Fundamentals of Sound Synthesis | Frequency, Amplitude | EP 01 | Alphy Psyche [FREE]

Instinct Learning proudly presents this new Tutorial series by Alphy Psyche about the fundamentals of music production. And the best of all: It is completely free. We give away the first episode of this high-grade learning series by professional Music Teacher Alphy Psyche so that you can get experience it for yourself. This way you can witness the quality of the learning videos by Alphy Psyche by yourself. Alphy is a Music Producer and Artist. He teaches Music Production and Sound Design at the Conservatory of Music of Teheran.

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