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🌟 Visual artist , code programmer : Touch designer / Maxmsp / Blender
🎼 Teacher : Electronic music / Sound designing / Industrial music in The Concervatuary of music
📖 Writer of the Book: New method of professional music production [ir]

“Ali Amirshahi” aka “Alphy Psyche
Born in April 1st 1986, in Tehran/Iran. He is a Music producer, Sound designer, Visual artist, Code programmer, Technology nerd, Writer and Teacher in conservatory of music in Iran.
His main genre is electronic psychedelic music but beside he is release some Techno, Drum and Bass, Glitch, Rock, Ambient, Electroacoustic music and even Rap/Hip-hop.
He has his own learning system called “Alphy Music”. the online website that allows you to have some real-time online classes with online shopping center.
These days he concentrating on designing VST and synthesizers in digital and analogue. This will be the future!


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