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Short Description: 

New episode from the Parandroid Masterclass – Ep 13: Advanced Arrangement.

Learn how to create an interesting and coherent sound space using various elements.
  • Teacher: Parandroid
  • Length: 18 minutes
  • Style/Genre: Hitech Trance/ Psytrance


Parandroid Hitech Trance Masterclass Ep 13

In this new episode of the Hitech Trance Masterclass, we continue our track with a new section. We synthesize several new elements on the Virus TI Plugin and directly record them. Furthermore, samples from the sample library “Vengeance Electro Essentials Vol.3” are used to spice things up. We design and record two new FM Sounds as well as a Wavetable  Grain-based Effect sound. After that, we use real-time effects on the bounced samples to create drive and coherence. To complement and connect the previous part, we use one of the previous parts wavetable sounds in our new part.

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Samuel Zimmermann aka Parandroid is a professional producer and artist for a decade and visited 22 countries around the globe with his music project. Click on the button to read the full bio and find out more.