1. Do not overprocess your Kick and Bass

There is always a moment where it is too much EQ, Compression, or Saturation. People often tend to overdo equalization on their Kick and Bass. Be mindful and never use EQ settings in a robotic manner.

2. Use Sidechain Compression on or Amplitude Shapers

In most modern dance music styles, your kick should be the main focus of the lower end spectrum of your track. Low frequencies should normally not be overlayed in general, plus there are possible phasing issues to be mindful of. Be sure to either use sidechain compressors to avoid low frequencies colliding with each other. Almost any compressor nowadays can be used in side chain mode. After you activated sidechain mode you can send any signal into control the compressor with that external element. Volume Shapers on the other hand work by clocking an amplitude envelope. In the case of a Trance Kick and Bass that would be 1/4 rhythm. The signal can get dynamically adjusted hence the name “Volume Shapers” or “envelope Shapers”.

3. Take care of phasing issues in your Kick and Bass

I recently made a video about this where I explain how to align and identify phasing issues in your Kick and Bass. Phasing is a phenomenon that you should understand in order to be able to take care of it. Furthermore, there are plenty of music producers that write great tracks without knowing a thing about it by simply using their ears.


4. Everything starts with the correct proportions

One incredibly important first step that I still see people not doing is to actually level your Kick and Bass correctly. This should be self-evident and does not only apply to kick and bass of course. And there is no right or wrong in music production. But deciding your relation of Kick and Bass in your track is one of the first formal decisions you should take when producing a  track. I usually place the Kick and Bass very close to each other since they are ought to be two parts of one element. Let`s say my Kick is at -10db I will set my Bass around -10.5-11.5db. If you open your project and you happen to find your bass at -4db and your kick at -11dbFS that probably doesn’t serve the purpose of your track very well.