One of the oldest argument in Audio Mastering finally gets settles with this video 😉

Kidding aside, here is my two cents about Digital vs Analog Mastering

Here is one very insightful quote from Grammy award-winning Mastering engineer Adam Ayan out of the book I am talking about in the video:

So you said that you’re mostly digital now. Do you have any bits of
outboard gear that you’re still using nonetheless, somewhat regularly?

Adam Ayan: Not really, no. I do have a couple of TC devices that occasionally I’ll
go into for various things. And I have some multifunctional devices, like
the system 6000 or, believe it or not, the Finalizer. Occasionally I’ll go into
one of those devices. In both cases, there are just a handful of algorithms
or setups that I like in the devices, but it’s becoming even less and less
common for me to use them. I’m staying in the box almost entirely now.
It’s almost unbelievable that that’s become the case, and I feel like I’m
getting better results that way.

This quote brilliantly describes what I think.

Analog Vs Digital Mastering part I

Analog Vs Digital Mastering part II

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