Writing great music is only half of the job done as a music producer. The next step after successfully creating great tunes is to promote and eventually monetize it. Those 5 basic steps will help you to build a loyal fanbase and a foundation to promote your productions. And the best thing about it: Most of them are for FREE!





Youtube is the most visited website in the world and gathers people and enthusiasts from all walks of creativity. Another good reason to work with videos is that it is the premier medium to promote virtually anything.




promote your musicYour channel can also create cross-traffic to your other social media channels as well as your artist website. Furthermore, Youtube offers some of the best Audio Quality to present your music. Presenting your music with videos or images is simply of the most efficient ways to present your content to your followers.


2. Instagram

Instagram is the most widely used Social media Platform at the moment. No other platform beats the user counts of the behemoth child company of Facebook. The Quality of uploads for Instagram is extremely limited, with heavy compression applied. But this doesn’t mean that it is not a good platform to promote your music. Since the content gets consumed on cellphones the end consumer rarely notices. And for high-quality content, it is simply not the right Platform. But it is great to build and keep a fanbase and keep your fans up to date about your latest projects and releases. It is also a valuable advertisement Platform that can help you sell product through direct shopping buttons inside your feed, Stories as well as IGTV. And overall it feels much less pay to play than Facebook does nowadays.



4. Artist website

This is strangely often ignored by contemporary artists. Your website should be the core of your online activity. All your social media content should lead to your website. It also offers ample opportunity to make money by running your own shop with merchandise and other products that your fans want. You can even build a Music Shop of your own and not pay anything in distribution Fees. Platforms like Bandcamp have their place in the music industry, but ultimately they are nothing else than a direct middleman taking a significant part out of your profits.



It is also a great place to give fans and potential fans to delve deeper into your projects. Make sure your website is filled to the brim with interesting and engaging content. of course, it is also self-explanatory that you can link all your social media accounts to the website. It is an essential component of any business and not only a necessity as a musician. And websites are neither expensive to create nor to run nowadays. You can get a hosting plan for your website way below the 100€ mark. Considering all the options to monetize your work through the website this is mere peanuts.


4. Spotify

Spotify is the most important Music streaming platform nowadays. Despite that, I know several artists who still didn’t create their artist profile there. A lot of people almost exclusively use the platform to consume music, so not being on there is a bad idea. Doing an account is free but if you recently have released anything with any labels you are probably already on there and just have to claim your artist account. In contrast to the other platforms mentioned in this article, you cant upload your tracks directly to Spotify though. If you want to self release your music through Spotify you the only way is to go to one of many distribution Platforms such as TuneCore or CD-Baby. Having your tracks released to Spotify and other major streaming Platforms is relatively cheap and can give you some extra revenue.





One other big player in the field definitely is TikTok. The social media app currently has a whopping 800 million-strong user base. And this user base is quite young. 41 percent of TikTok users are aged between 16 and 24, so if this is your demographic you shouldn’t miss out on that. I have to admit that I skimped on this one myself until now, but I am planning to conceive some content for the platform in the near future.



The Chinese based company responsible for the platform recently came under fire for National security reasons. We do not know exactly how your daughter’s dance moves are relevant for national security. Maybe one day, we will find out.

 here a list of all Social Platforms



  1. Youtube
  2. Instagram
  3. Website
  4. SoundCloud
  5. Spotify

This article was written by Samuel Zimmermann, better known as PARANDROID. The project Parandroid exists for more than a decade and traveled to more than 30 countries worldwide to present his music. he is also the owner of the online education platform instinct-learning.com and the subcultural open Magazine http://psysociety.net/.


If you know any other great methods to promote music feel free to let us know in the comments. Also, feel free to ask us anything and we will answer.

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