The summer season is over and its time to get to work again. We have planed a plethora of new products and videos for you. Here are three new videos for you.

1.Multi-Band Stereo Imaging Tutorial (Mastering)

The first video is about stereo imaging in Mastering. This is an extremely important aspect of audio mastering and a thing that should be checked on each master you do.

2.Multi-Band Compressor Low-end Kick drum trick

The second video is about Multiband Compression in Mastering. This again is a elementary technique when it comes to stereo audio mastering. But what we do today, is looking at a special trick to enhance the low-end portion of the kick drum in electronic dance music.

3. Amazing Psychedelic Soundscapes made from scratch on the Access Virus TI (First-person)

The last video is less of a Tutorial. Parandroid shows how he models a Synthesizer scape from scratch. The whole thing is recorded from the first-person perspective so you can follow what he does with the knobs on the Synth at any time.