Work vs Marketing Balance as a musician

In this video, I discuss the correct balance of Production vs Marketing as a music producer in 2022.   Please support the channel by sharing the video with your friends. Subscribe:  

The Top 5 Keyboards for Music Producers 2022

 A good Keyboard can make a whole lot of difference when it comes to the production of music. In this little article, we go over five of the best Keyboards money can buy in 2022.   ROCCAT VULCAN The Roccat Vulcan is supremely sexy and comes on a solid Aluminum...

Sound Design 101: SQUELCHES FX Tutorial

In this video, I show you how to create Squelches. I am using my Virus TI synthesizer, but this really works on almost any synthesizer VST or otherwise. The concept of squelch fx sounds is very simple and easy to grasp. You shouldn't have any issues transferring what...

What you really need to produce music

In this video, I talk about what you really need to produce music. People often think they need to invest massive amounts of money in starting to produce music but the truth actually looks very different.What do you think? Let us know in the comment section below here...


Use different Monitoring Systems No Sound System is perfect. Regardless if you are sitting in a multi-million dollar studio or in your granma`s basement, your monitoring is not 100% accurate. Even with advanced software-based room correction solutions or any other...

Zephyrus Duo 15 SE Review – The ultimate Laptop for Music Producers and Creators

 Asus Rog Zephyrus Duo 15 Se RTX3060 Review GPU/CPU/RAM/SSD Configuration Build Quality Cooling&performance Touchpad and Keyboard Battery Life I/O The Zephyrus Duo as a Daily Driver Gaming Performance Conclusion Welcome to the future This is probably one of the...

Mixing Course by Parandroid Released

What You will learn in this course:

You will learn how to make your mix sound balanced and professional. We will take a mixed track by the Artist and go back to scratch.

We will also provide you with the WAV Stem files of the original track by Parandroid. So regardless of which DAW you chose to use, you will be able to participate in this class. This course can be used with any current DAW released today.

Professional Music Producers Reacting to Fake DJs

2 Professional Music Producers react to the worst fake DJs of all time. Alphy Psyche and Parandroid reacting to some of the worst DJs ever recorded in history. You can watch the Full 35 minutes Reaction Video on our official YouTube Channel.   Snippet 1 Snippet 2

Fundamentals of Sound Synthesis | Frequency, Amplitude | EP 01 | Alphy Psyche [FREE]

Instinct Learning proudly presents this new Tutorial series by Alphy Psyche about the fundamentals of music production. And the best of all: It is completely free. We give away the first episode of this high-grade learning series by professional Music Teacher Alphy Psyche so that you can get experience it for yourself. This way you can witness the quality of the learning videos by Alphy Psyche by yourself. Alphy is a Music Producer and Artist. He teaches Music Production and Sound Design at the Conservatory of Music of Teheran.

New Team Member: ALPHY PSYCHE

🌟 Visual artist , code programmer : Touch designer / Maxmsp / Blender 🎼 Teacher: Electronic music / Sound designing / Industrial music in The Conservatory of music 📖 Writer of the Book: New method of professional music production [ir] We are...


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Instead of focusing on one singular aspect of production, this massive course encompasses the full spectrum.


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