New Masterclass Episode: Ep 13 – Advanced Arrangement

                                           Short Description:  New episode from the Parandroid Masterclass – Ep 13: Advanced Arrangement. Learn how to create...

Vital Preset Bank “Arthemis” designed by Parandroid is out now

Parandroid and Instinct Learning released a new preset bank today called Arthemis. The Preset Library sports 32 custom-designed Presets and seven custom Wavetable for the smash hit VST Vital. Vital preset Bank “Arthemis” by Parandroid Synthesizer/VST: Vital VSTPatch...

Black Week: Massive discounts on

Starting on the 20th of November 2020 we have massive sales on instinct learning. Profit from the up to 50% price reductions in our online store.

The New Melodic Psytrance Masterclass by Parandroid is out now

                                           This is the first full course that takes you on the journey of creating a track from start to finish. You will...


Sixty-four Brand new presets for the Access Virus TI Synth by Music Producer PARANDROID This is the newest, most organized and psychedelic preset release by Parandroid It features a new additional way of sorting by implementing a rigid browser structure for all...

COSMO Live Lessons available on INSTINCT LEARNING now!

From now on you can learn from the pioneer producer Peter Kubala aka COSMO  He will connect with you over a video messaging app such as Discord and teach you the skills you need to reach the state of the art when it comes to production. Cosmo is active as a...

Explain the Chain: EP 1 VOCAL MIXING CHAIN (Free Tutorial)

In this new series, we explain how specific chains work. This time we have a look at a new track by Samuel for his project HEADTR1P. The new approach allows you to take an inside look into plugin chains from a professional music producer. From now on we will release...

INSTINCT LEARNING presents: PARANDROID Masterclass (Hitech Psytrance Course)

                                           This is the first full course that takes you on the journey of creating a track from start to finish. You will...

New Tutorial: How to easily build Chords and Melodies

In this video, I explain how I build and use chords and how I build melodies in my tracks. The concept is simplified to make it easy for you to use and implement it. Music Theory is easier than you thought! Improve your understanding of Scales, Chords, and Intervals...

ROOM ACOUSTICS – The importance of treating your studio acoustically

facebooktwitteryoutubeinstagram In this little video Samuel talks about the importance of treating your studio to achieve a more truthful frequency response. Check his website:  


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